The Bell Tower Community Arts & Entertainment Complex creates and maintains an exciting and inclusive space by offering art, music and social events that all members of the community will feel welcome to attend!

Marc and Noel purchased an underdeveloped church/community centre now known affectionately as “The Castle”. After soothing the way with sushi, Noel was able to get everyone out to see the building after lunch and share his vision. That vision became even more clear once everyone saw the space – and with their input, The Bell Tower Community Arts & Entertainment Complex was conceived in June of 2016. Our official hashtag is: #NotAChurchAnymore

We have sold out countless shows, raised over $9000 dollars and more than 7316 pounds of food, 7813 items of clothing (as of June, 2019) for COPE, brought The Breast Cancer Society of Canada’s Walk-A-Thon to Fort Erie and fed 320+ food bank recipients a holiday dinner!

Looking to rent a beautiful, functional and affordable event space? From small birthday parties to big bashes, weddings, banquets and business functions, our 15,000 square foot complex has unique spaces available for virtually any event, meeting or occasion! Read more here.

CHCH-TV Awards

The Bell Tower has received many awards for their charity work, including Silver Medal for “Best Live Venue” and Bronze for the “Business That Gives Back”, as voted by the CHCH-TV viewers.

Safe Space

We want this to be as safe a space as possible, recognizing that no space is entirely safe and from oppression. If any behaviour needs to be called out to make it the safest possible space, then let it be known that this space is open to other ideas, thoughts, beliefs and realities. These issues will be tackled as they arise. Please let one of the owners know of anything that may have been missed; ask questions if you need any clarification. This is a confidential space; anything personal shared, stays within these walls.

Offensive, oppressive and uninvited behaviour will not be tolerated. However, to encourage self re-educating on topics, we maintain the right to deal with each infringement case as we see fit, and give no warnings…Trigger Warnings may be requested at any time, from anyone.

This space is to be enjoyed by people of any identity, orientation, thoughts and beliefs, as long as do not oppress another.

What Does This Mean?

We will not tolerate: Cultural Appropriation, Slut-shaming, Fat shaming, Cissexism/Cissupremecy, Heterosexism, Ace erasure, Bi-erasure, Monosexism, Ableism, Sexism, Misogyny, Racism, Dyadism, Binarism, Mental illness shaming, Multiplicity Hate, Otherkin Hate.

A ‘Safe Space’ is a place where anyone can relax and be able to fully express, without fear of being made to feel uncomfortable, unwelcome, or unsafe on account of biological sex, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, cultural background, religious affiliation, age, physical or mental ability.


Proudly Supporting Our Community Partners